Our Dear Clients Say

We are pleased to share the testimonials of our satisfied customers.

Ricardo P. - North Miami

When I got back from a short vacation I discovered in my master bathroom what I appeared to be mold. One of our neighbors referred me to Enviro-Novus, in a very professional way they did an evaluation and two days later they came and eliminated the mold. I compared their prices and they were very competitive, I was really impressed with their knowledge and caring.

Y. Chen

My kids were most of the time sneezing while in home. One day their doctor mentioned the possibilities of Mold in our home. I didn’t know what to do, but searching in the internet, I found this company, they came and did a complete mold exam of the air, something that I didn’t know that existed, to my surprise the laboratory test came back positive. I hired their services to eliminate the mold. They came over once more, did the mold treatment and a couple of days after I started noticing how my kids were doing better. Thank you so much!

Thomas Goldstein, Hollywood

After interviewing three different mold companies, I hired the services of ENR, all that I can say they did their stuff and we’re satisfied.

Mrs. Pierce – Ft. Lauderdale

I had a company that supposedly cleaned the mold in my condo, but I wanted to make sure that everything was done properly and that the air was clean, we are snowbirds from Canada. Isa and another person from Enviro Novus Restoration came and they got some air samples, next day, I received the report indicating that there was mold in the air. Then I had to complaint to the other company that worked here before, until they came back to clean my air, appears that they did not do things correct the first time. Thank you Enviro Novus.

J. Rodriguez from Homestead

A while after the hurricane from last year, I discovered some water stains in a closet, one of my co-workers knew about this company, they came the same day that I called, they did some inspection and test and they were correct, I had mold. I was so concern, but they took the time to explain everything to me. That same week they retuned to do the elimination and I’m very satisfied with how they handled everything. They even contacted my Insurance Company, I had to pay very little.

S Pollack

We live near Miami Lakes and recently one of the pipes broke, water flooded some areas of the house. We reached out to a family member that work in the insurance business and recommended this company. They came on a Sunday morning and after an evaluation they began to work. We were surprise for the amount and type of equipment they put in my house to dry it. Thanks to them we were able to minimize the possible damages to the house.

Mrs. Vega – Coral Gables

My second floor a/c always gave us problems, leaking water. We didn’t know that mold developed until our a/c guy one day told us about possible mold. He recommended this company and they came over, that same week they remediated they mold, they had to remove part of the walls and installed some machine to clean the air. It was not an easy process, but we’re very happy with their services.

Miami Beach

I’m very satisfied with their services, I’m older lady that was scare to have people that I don’t working in my home. But Isa and his three sons are nice and respectful. The only complaint that I have is that one day they got here about 20 minutes late, but they told me that traffic was difficult. Rose Chinners